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Croatia has long been regarded as one of the most beautiful parts of Europe.
Croatia it is not only the land, the stone, the sun and sea, it is exceptional by its
natural beauty and for its thousand year old cultural heritage, it has always been at the crossroads of world and civilizations. Croatia is the land of Mediterranean characteristics,where the harmony and the human cultural and spiritual values and particularly emphasized. As the negotiation process for full EU membership moves forward with consistend implementation of reforms, it is expected positive economic trends will continue. Due to extensive national marketing and the natural beauty of its coastline,  Croatia has gained considerable favourable attention and is today considered one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.  International airport's located in Zagreb, Split,Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka, Zadar and Osijek .With a catchment area of 600 million people within a three hour flight of Croatia, the growth of low cost airlines flying to airports located on the coast is expected to boost the demand for holiday homes in Croatia.

There were 10,3 million tourist arrivals in 2007 to Croatia, wherefrom most of them were from Germany (23.4%), Italy (11.6%)Slovenia (11.2%), Austria (8.7%), the Czech Republic (8.3%), Hungary (4.7%) and the Netherlands(4.1%).
Tourists from other countries realized 28% Croatian coastline. Croatia has naturally beautiful coastline of 5,835 km, out of which 4,058 km comprise a coastline of islands, solitary rocks and reefs. There are 1,185 islands but only 50 are inhabited. The largest islands are Cres, Krk, Pag, Losinj, Hvar, Korcula, Peljesac..
Pleasant Mediterranean climate prevails along the Adriatic coast, with an overwhelming number of sunny days, dry and hot summers, mildand humid winters.

Average temperature at the coastline: January: 8 to 11°C; August: 28 to 35°C (maximum air temperature in July and August reaches 35 to 38°C). Croatian coast is becoming more and more popular for sailing, as with its thousand islands, with beautiful lonely bays, it is considered to be the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea.
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